Engine Service
Up to 2000cc £120.00
2001 to 3000cc £140.00
The engine service is a thorough under bonnet inspection.
  • The engine oil and oil filter are replaced as routine.
  • All levels and fluids are checked and topped up.
  • Spark plugs and air filter will be removed, inspected and replaced if necessary.
  • The idle control and breather system is cleaned and reset.
  • To complete the service the Engine Management System will be interrogated using the latest Bosch Esi-tronic software and the vehicle taken on road test.
Premier Service
Up to 2000cc £170.00
2001 to 3000cc £190.00
The premier service includes everything on the engine service along with:
  • A full brake inspection.
  • Tyres and wheel bearings inspected for wear and tear.
  • All lights are checked and bulbs replaced if necessary.
  • Coil springs and steering joints are inspected for damage or movement.
  • All the steering gaiters are checked
  • Brake pipes inspected
  • Shock absorbers are checked for leaks.
  • Service lights reset and service book stamped.
  • Brake pipes inspected
All above prices include VAT, oil and oil filter, air filter and spark plugs.
Other Services
Diagnostic £45.00 + VAT
Home Start £35.00 + VAT
Cam Belt Replacement Price on Request

Certain vehicles require specialist spark plugs or a diesel fuel filter, this will incur an additional charge. If this applies to your vehicle you will be advised prior to work commencing.
All prices are subject to change.